Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coffee in the morning

     Dulu susah nak kinum coffee sebab rasanya tak dapat apa apa pun. Selalu tertanya... betul ke minum coffee tak akan tidur. Betul ke akan ketagih coffee kalau tak minum sehari. Betul ke akan kembung perut kalau minum coffee. Betul ke minum coffee ni untuk orang tua je.
       Since balik dari Gemany haritu, aku try lah praktik kan minum coffee di pagi hari. I think I like this lifestyle.... bangun pagi, bancuh coffee, baca paper kat garden. Semua tu aku akan buat sebelum orang lain bangun pagi-pagi. Have a light breakfast and a little bit of gardening. All this during my rest day or leave. Hmmm what a changes cause I couldnt do it before this.
     Now Im having coffee while waiting to go to work after a light breakfast of mee hun goreng and a round egg with sambal on the side. No rushing, more relaxing and energising.
     To the question I wrote earlier.... it is all about the choices you make not about the reason you created. You yourself know better who you are and how your body works. Choose which is better and dont make excuses for the choice you make .... cheerss

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